Farewell, Zohra Sehgal
Zohra Sehgal with her daughters, 1965
The grand old lady of Indian stage and cinema, an indomitable spirit, bows out
The grand old lady of Indian stage and films, dancer, activist and choreographer Zohra Sehgal, died on July 10, 2014. She was 102 years old.

Sehgal got her first break in films in 1982, with Merchant Ivory's The Courtesans of Bombay. She went on to play Lady Chatterjee in The Jewel in the Crown. She also had memorable roles in The Raj Quartet, Tandoori Nights, and My Beautiful Laun ..... more

A road trip for peace In Spain: Star Malik with his peace message Meet Star Malik, a man on a mission. The 34 year-old, self-proclaimed "Peace and Friendship Envoy for Pakistan and India" is driving across three continents, 21 countries and 65 cities for this cause. And he refuses to let his degenerative eye disease stop him.

T .....more

Preserving Dilip Kumar's house in Peshawar Yousaf Khan's family house in Qissa Khwani Bazar, Peshawar By Yudhvir Rana,TNN
A house lost in the narrow alleys of the bustling city of Peshawar is becoming a focus of attention in both India and Pakistan. After bestowing him with Nishan-e-Imtiaz in 1998, the country's highest civilian award, Pakistan will give a new .....more

BRIEF A most unusual flash mob
Delhi University Students for Peace pick up pace ahead of their August plans

The theatre crew of the Delhi University Students for Peace organised a Flash Mob for India-Pakistan peace early Sunday morning, July 13, 2014 at Conna .....more

An Crossing the lines happily: Saim (left) and Amey By Saim Saeed
As a Pakistani, it's easy to act friendly towards Indians. You bring up familiar cultural tropes - cricket, Bollywood - have a couple of rounds of expletives directed towards the British, and talk about how great aloo parathas are, and for the .....more

BRIEFS Fasting in solidarity: Chandra Shekhar. Photo: Abdul Rahman, Gulf News Fasting in solidarity
Over 150 Hindu prisoners in India are fasting along with some 2,300 Muslim inmates during the holy month of Ramazan this year. The Hindu inmates started keeping Rozas (fasts) along with the Muslim inmates from the first day and plan to co .....more

I lay his poems on my lips and sip at leisure Dr Bina Biswas: A difficult odyssey,Gulzar: fulsome tributes,Nasir: By Beena Sarwar

The iconic lyricist and poet Gulzar in his preface to Dr Bina Biswas' translation of a collection of Urdu poetry pays rich tribute to Pakistani poet Naseer Ahmed Nasir

Whether it be a droplet or a lake, water has a way of refl .....more

Joint statement by Editors of Jang Group & Times of India

Peace between India and Pakistan has been stubbornly elusive and yet tantalizingly inevitable. This vast subcontinent senses the bounties a peace dividend can deliver to its people yet it recoils from claiming a share. The natural impulse would be to break out of the straitjacket of stated positions and embrace an ideal that promises sustained prosperity to the region, yet there is hesitation. There is a collective paralysis of the will, induced by the trauma of birth, amplified by false starts, mistrust, periodic outbreaks of violence, suspicion, misplaced jingoism and diplomatic doublespeak. Hypnotized by their own mantra, the two states are reluctant to move towards normalization until certain terms and certain promises are kept.



The world has seen worse cases of animosity

Thursday, July 12, 2012
by Ammar Shahbazi
Cultural and linguistic bonds of a civilization are stronger than its religious bonds, says professor Naeem ur Rehman Farooqi, former Pro Vice Chancellor of Allahabad University. "So the connection between India and Pakistan is inherent and intrinsic, something that no political and military power can ever erode" In an interview with Aman Ki Asha, he said that the history of a civilisation cann


Special Edition

55_7-03-2011_1.jpgThe News on Sunday Special Report: India Pakistan prisoners
We probably didn't need to do this Special Report. Newspaper stories don't matter when it comes to Indians in Pakistani jails and vice versa. In fact, 'vice versa' sums it up. We do to them what they do to us.

Except when the two countries decide to begin talking, yet again! This time a little before the foreign secretary level talks, some Pakistani prisoners were released by India (and vice versa must have happened) and some more were released after the talks. ....read more

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